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Hello my vegan bunnies. I was brought here to offer you vegan recipes,information and advice. I have strived to live as a vegan for over ten hundred thousand billion million years. My idea of veganism may be different than yours, and that's OK. I do the best I can (everybody sing--oh yes, I do the best I can, oh yes . . .(repeat 3X youngsters!)), and hope that others do the same. I'm not interested in debating veganismn or calling the vegan police. Instead, dear reader, I'll share some of the information I've collected through my obsession for cooking and eating vegan style. Dig in. Um. Ow. Yeah! Shang a lang-a.

P.S. In these trying times, kittee sez, "Support your local Middle Eastern restaurant."

Peace, Love and Vegetables.
No War Please.




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