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This list-o'-links focuses on cooking, eating, and living veganly. Links to Animal Rights sites have been intentionally left out except for those like PETA that are considerable resources. If any sites you like, use or need are missing, please let me know so I can add them...xoxo kittee

Animal Sanctuaries
The Association of Sanctuaries
Farm Sanctuary
PIGS - A Sanctuary
United Poultry Concerns

Vegan Campaigns
Being Vegan on Campus
McSpotlight Anti McDonald's Crusade
The Vegan Food Pyramid
Vegan Response (letter writing)
The Vegan Book Project

Vegan Companies
Pangea - General Products & Merchandise
The Mail Order Catalog - Vegan Cookbooks
Two Girls & a Garage - A Vegan Screenprinting Company
Vegan.Com Bookstore
Vegan Companies Index - Vegan Mutual Fund
Vegan Village - Index of Vegan Businesses
Vegetarian/Vegan Inns Index

Vegan Dating
Vegan Singles Club
Vegan Vegetarian Dating and Personal Ads Site
Veggie Date

Vegan FAQ's (frequently asked questions)
Animal Rights FAQ
Vegan-L FAQ
Vegan Reception Mini-FAQ -Help with wedding receptions

Vegan Food and Products to Order
Dixie Diner (offers an array of vegan junk food)
Organic Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Door
The Mail Order Catalog - Tons of TVP and other meat alternatives - The vegetarian meat substitute online grocer.
Nylabone dog chews
Queen Bee (the coolest handmade vinyl purses, wallets, belts, guitar straps and more)
Tofutti -product coupon to get some *FREE* vegan cream cheese, sour cream or frozen Tofutti Cuties.
The Merry Hempsters- delicious vegan lip balm in different flavors and other cool stuff.
Vegan Splendor - Chocolate Company

Zelda's Cookies

Vegan Gardening
Information About Veganics
Vegan Organics

Vegan Guides
The Vegan Guide to NYC (a detailed directory of reviews to more than 100 restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn serving delicious meals without any animal products). To order, send $4.78 (USA) or $8.00 (world) to Max Friedman, 2231 McKinley Street, Berkeley, CA 94703.
Vegan Travel Guides

Vegan Indexes
About.Com (type in vegan as the search)
Directory of Vegetarian/Vegan Doctors
Leather Substitutes Resource Guide

Vegan Family Informaton
Vegan Birth Control
Feeding Vegan Children

Vegan Baby Formula Recipe

The Vegan Family Site

Vegan Mailing Lists, Email and Chats
VegetarianAndVeganGothsUnite -Egroup mailing list
Vegan Online Magazine, Mailing List and Resource Library
Vegan Resistance for Liberation Mailing List
Vegan Straight-Edge Mailing List

VegEmail - Free Email for Vegans
#Vegan (a vegan chatroom - this requires downloading Mirc shareware and then locating the undernat server).

Vegan Message Boards
The Columbia Vegan Connection Recipe Board
Vegan Message Board by Chef Beverly
Vegan Outreach Forum
Veg Source

Vegan Organizations
Compassion Over Killing
Famous Veggies
Food Not Bombs (free vegetarian food for the needy)
How it all Vegan
Milk Sucks (PETA site)
North American Vegetarian Society
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (medical & health advocacy)
The Pythagorean Vegan Page
Vegan Power!
Veg Family
Vegan Action
Vegan Central
Vegan Community Support Network (for locating other vegans in your community)
The Vegan News
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Recipes.Com
VeganWorld - A resource and info site
The Vegan Society
Vegan Straight-Edge
Vegan Street
Vegan Voice
Vegetarian Pages
Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegan Personal Pages
gURLpage Gone Vegan
Julie Kerr's Vegan Pages
Vegan Bikers
Vegan Babe
A Vegan Page (recipes also)
Stanley Sapon's Vegan Values
Why Honey is Not Vegan (really well done article by vegetus webmaster)

Vegan Recipe Collections - Vegan Recipes
Arabic Recipes
Awesome Vegan Cooking Techniques for Vegan-izing Recipes
The Cat-Tea Corner's Vegan Recipe Collection
Christa's Vegan Cookery I
Christa's Vegan Cookery II
Christa's Vegan Cookery III
Columbia Vegan Connection Recipes
DIY vegan recipes
Favorite Vegan Recipes
Go Veg!
International Vegetarian Union
Jewish Vegan.Com
Kate's (Vegan) Cookery Site
Michael Traub's Recipes
Non-Dairy Cheese Recipes
The Porridge People - Vegan Recipes for Everyday
Psuedo-Mexican Gringo's Bachelor Vegan Recipes & Tips
Random Recipe Site
Random Recipe Site
Soy Stache's Vegan Recipes
Tara's Vegan Recipe Page
Tom's Vegan Dessert Page
The Vegan Chef by Chef Beverly (who used to cook in my best friend's mom's restaurant in Berea, Ohio)
Vegan Cookery Recipe Exchange
Vegan Cooking Without Recipes
Vegan Crockpot Recipes and Resources
Vegan Holiday Cookies
Vegan Mania
Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes for Goat Worshippers (sound .wavs and philosophy)
Vegan Recipes from Andrew Mossberg's Recipes Archive
Veggie's Unite/The Recipe Directory

Vegan Restaurant Guides
Columbia, South Carolina
Happy Cow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants
VegDC (information and restaurant guides for the DC metro area).
Veggie Restaurants

Vegan Shoes & Accessories
Ethical Wares
Vegan Wares
Vegetarian Shoes

Videos Online
PETA Factory Farm Video (graphic content)

Vegan Web Rings
The Vegan and Cruelty-Free Web Ring
The Vegan Straight Edge Web Ring

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