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OK, I'm about to bare my nerdy self for the sake of vegan entertainment. Pay close attention. While I have a bunch of cookbooks in my recipe collection, the bulk of my original recipes come from my "Recipe Club" binder. Yes, I did say RECIPE CLUB, no reason to scroll up for that one.

Before I had Internet access, I organized a group of people who were interested in a monthly recipe exchange. We agreed to send one new vegan recipe each month to every person on the club roster. It was a hybrid Mail Art/Chain Letter sorta deal. It was fun, vegan, and it brought real mail to my doorstep at the beginning of each month. What could possibly be better?

The coolest thing about the club was the diverse mix of people involved. The group consisted of best friends, new friends, artists, unrelated freaks and friends or relatives of the aforementioned. The recipes were so varied and interesting and sent with flare! Recipes arrived painted, written on wood or cardboard, some included stickers or other prizes, and a few were even made on computers. Once Perrin even sent me a freshly made batch of Rebel Rocks along with her recipe. Yum, yum.

As the recipes began to pile up, I got smart. I found a giant three-ringed binder and put holes in everything I couldn't eat including the recipe's envelope. "What have I got now?" you ask. Well, my Recipe Club binder has become one of my most cherished collections. It's huge, it's thick, it's chock full of yummy things to make, and oh-the-memories! Need I say more?

Recipe Club Recipes: (Unless noted, the original source for these recipes is not known).

One of my friends made her own recipe club and turned it into the cutest zine. So Nice!

Cooking by kittee: