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I am a collector, a procurer, a pack rat. OK, I hoard. I can't help it. I love stuff. As a toddler I collected little blue pill balls from the carpet in my family's living room. Now, I collect Pyrex®, old kitchen-y stuff, vintage calico and sewing patterns, glass bottle lollipop people, mobiles, vinyl purses, and vegan cookzines.

This reminds me of a recent article in Utne Reader about a woman who felt sad for trash. As a girl she brought home a lonesome Frito wrapper and kept it under her bed. She cried when her mom threatened to throw it away because she wanted to keep it company. Anyway, the point is that I have a lot of stuff but I don't keep trash under my bed, thank you.

Back to my topic. Unfortunately, the vegan cookzines will be my death. They are impossible to locate and add logs on the Yule of my desire. This burning, unyielding quest has led me to the desire to create a centralized resource for finding and distributing vegan cookzines. If I have reached a hoarding impasse, maybe at least I can help someone else get just a little bit more...

If you have authored a vegan cookzine let me know about it. How is it distroed so I can get my greedy, clutching hands on it? Better yet, send me your zine and I shall post it here. Additionally, If you have other cookzines besides the ones below, or know of any and how to get them, email me, I need more.

GasTank: A collection of Vegan Recipes Available for three bucks. Email Jessica to find out how to get your own copies.

This is my new favorite cookzine, rant-free, just the way I love 'em! It's full of great recipes and focuses around breakfast dishes and lots of ethnic dishes-many look German to me, but what do I know? My copies even came with stickers and two postcards each.

the Dirty South Cookbook number one: **eat more grease**. By Vanessa. Home Grown in New Orleans and available for a couple o' bucks. Inquire to find out how to get a copy of this here zine.

Dazee ran into Vanessa at some kind of local hoedown and gave her some bucks for this copy. Style wize, this zine is reminiscent of Bark + Grass but the recipes are all southern and tied together with some cute pink yarn. Ones I aim to try soon include: Seitan Dirty Rice, Johnny Cakes, Blackeyed Pea Cakes, and Sweet Potato Pudding. Get yours quick while Vanessa is feeling productive.

the Dirty South Cookbook #2: Also by Vanessa. c/o Nowe Miasto Headquarters, 223 Jane Place, New Orleans, LA 70119

My cool vegan activist friends know Vanessa and brought me this second one. Not as cute as the first, but it's down to business, folks. And, it's got a little bit of everything you know you want.

unbound books: vegan potluck cookzine #1 & #2. Available from unboundbooks. PO box 146672 Chicago, IL 60614-6672.

They have potlucks so if you live in Chicago you should email and get in on their action! Their website shows that vegan potluck, cookzine #3 is out and available.

Asian Cajun Vegan Cook Zine Number One Available from Andy: 1610 Adams Street New Orleans, LA 70118

Another great zine out of New Orleans, my copy even has a hand sewn spine. Half of this cutie is full of Cajun recipes and flip it over to see the other half is Asian. Yummy recipes range from Ettoufee and Green Gumbo to Cashew Vegetables and Singapore Noodles.

Open Mouth, Insert Food: Vegan Recipes from the Underground By the defunct Archaic Underground Press. *This zine is no longer available* Archaic Underground Press 5750-4 Brockton Court Indianapolis, IN 46220 or check out their website.

This is the first and last release from The Archaic Underground Press, a cooperative bookmaking, publishing, screenprinting and letterpres group based in Indianapolis. Open Mouth, Insert Food is hand bound and has a hand screenprinted cover made out of brown bag paper. The recipes come from a varied source but seem to concentrate on underground music-makers. Recipes are diverse and range from Indian lentil dishes to Whoopie Pie Cakes and Monkey Toes. This collection comes in soft back (zine style) and hard-bound versions.

planet vega: big belly vegan breakfast and politics By Eva Marie and Jane Mei.

This is a new breakfast cookzine available from some cool women in Philadelphia. It comes with a political sticker inside and an original block print on the back. These recipes deliver vegan breakfast to your door with yum stuff you can make out of common household ingredients. Beyond waffles, banana babies, danish and granola, there are even recipes for Chinese steamed buns stuffed with veggies or sweet red bean paste. You will also find help replacing eggs and essays on such important issues as reconfiguring itdentity, PCBs, rBGH (bovine growth hormone) and Mumia Abu-Jamal. *No Longer Available!*

The next five can be had from Vegan Action,a very cool organization based in California. Check out their new and improved website. I think they even give a discount when you become a supporter.

Soy, Not "Oi!" Compiled by the HIPPYCORE KREW. Distributed by Vegan Action. Also distributed by AK PRESS P.O. Box 40682, San Francisco, CA 94140-0682 phone: 415-864-0892, fax: 415-864-0893, e-mail: This was reprinted in 1996 by Profane Existence and you can try this organization if you must, although I don't believe it still has it. PO Box 8722 Minneapolis, MN 55408.

This was my introduction to the vegan cookzine concept. Lots of recipes are listed here. There are even instructions for making your own home brew and a recipe for marijuana tea. To impress your friends, I assume. Besides the hairy armpit positive pictures, the kind authors suggest accompanying head-banging music to make their recipes true ensembles. How about "joel's SIN-amon Rolls?" He suggests "anything metal and evil" for baking tunes.

raggedy annarchy's guide to vegan baking and the universe. Distributed by Vegan Action. "raggedy annarchy collaborates with the muffin man to bring you over 55 all-bad-for-you vegan recipes and her own personal rants on just about everything."

This is a sweet one. The whole zine is dedicated to desserts, and they are great recipes. The girl who wrote this must have studied chemistry because she actually made these fucking-delicious recipes up. While I cook most of the time without recipes, I can't bake a damn thing by winging it. This is probably the cookbook I use the most out of my entire collection, and I have a ton. (See intro paragraph.) There are also tons of rants throughout. My favorite is the Holiday Puke-In at the mall.

Well Fed—Not An Animal Dead! By Graham Burnett. Distributed by Vegan Action.

This British zine is hand written and has a very homespun feel to it. (All the others in my collection are typed or computer drawn with cut and pastes.) It has an organic, natural, and good-for-you slant. I haven't tried any of these recipes, though, the zine just doesn't appeal to me too much. Why? Maybe I'm just an ugly American. Who knows?

Bark + Grass Number2 revolution supper. By Kim. Distributed by Vegan Action.

This is the only zine I've actually heard people talk about. Maybe it's because Kim used to live in DC, and that's where I'm from. Or more likely it's because all my cool veg*n friends have either moved away or converted. Who can say for sure? I love the graphic style of this collection, and the recipes are easy and diverse. Kim also adds interesting, little sentences about the recipe origins. They seem to have been contributed by her friends and fellow scenesters. There is also a small section of recipes for natural, non-toxic shampoos, household cleaners and pest repellants for the home. Too bad I didn't demand that my evil landlord whip up a batch of bark rat poison when we got infested with the vermin last year.

Spoonfight: VEGAN MANUAL TO KITCHEN TERRORISM. Chief Saboteur: S. chamberlain. Distributed by Vegan Action.

This is a classic cookzine with a pervasive comic theme. Whether you think it's funny depends on whether you can appreciate hearty hostage-based humor ("Oakland Baked Beans: These play a detrimental part in the infamous sleeping bag torture, which is found on page 133 of your hostage control manual.") Besides the hilarity, there are actually great recipes. Especially thorough instructions for making homemade wheat gluten with great results (not mushy and/or doughy like other experiences I've had.) This recipe is especially interesting because it offers a tomato broth idea rather than the traditional (and boring) Asian broth for seitan.

PLEASE DON'T FEED THE BEARS! Issues 1-3. By Brad Misanthropic P.O. Box 1151 State College, PA 16804-1151 or email

I just got these three issues in the mail today. It was really exciting to see them waiting for me in my little mail slot. Especially after coming home in the rain via bus and train from my unbearable day sitting jury duty. Brad made the first zine after being inspired by Soy Not "Oi!" and the folks at Hippycore. I haven't made any of these recipes yet, but there is a ton of variety and they all look really good. While there are lots of tofu recipes, Brad doesn't stop there. Beyond his rants you can find recipes for wheat paste flyer terrorism, Power(violence) Bars, dog biscuits, cough syrup, Guy Food, and tofu chorizo. Collect ‘em all.

Be forewarned, I don't know the current availability of the following zines. They are dated and could easily be out of distribution. But give it a shot if you're up for it.

Earthwell: THE COOKBOOK. By Earthwell D.C and fear by fear ©1995. There is an address in this zine, but it looks like some girl's old college address, which I won't post.

This zine is pretty stinky anyway, so don't cry if you can't get it. It is easily my least favorite. Besides, they accidentally offer anti veg*n information, and their Winnie the Pooh graphics are plain lame. For example, in the guise of promoting health, they accentuate possible "nutritional hazards" of various vegetarian diets. Instead, they should be emphasizing the humongous dangers prevalent in the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is the most common diet in our culture.

grub #4 from revival fanzine. John/Revival Fanzine PO Box 283 St. Louis MO 63011 FAX: (314) 230-5455

A punk Hare Krsna kid wrote this zine and only half is recipes. The other half is about Krsna dogma/philosophy. Apparently there are three previous zines, however, those contain only recipes. I don't have any of them. Besides abstaining from animal by/products, Krsna's don't eat mushrooms, onions, garlic, or vinegar either. This philosophy is reflected in the recipes as well. This zine was printed on newsprint, so it's a lot less slick than the others.

Alice in Veganland, or Through the Cooking Glass. People Acting for Animal Liberation 15-222 Osborne St. South, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. R3L 1Z3.

I found this on the web a couple of years ago, immediately wrote a letter and never sent it. It is described as, "Super Great all vegan recipes plus interesting poems and other relevant quotes from Alice and her friends."

Cooking by kittee: