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Cake & Frosting Guidelines for Hard-Charging Young Vegan Bakers of Tomorrow.

kitteekake theory clearly states that cakes should be built double layer style at the very minimum. if you wanna stack higher, stack higher, or cut each cake layer in half and go for an easy quadruple layer cake with something different in the middle.


to grease:, grab some canola oil or a bit of earth balance and rub it all over the inside of your pan, evenly, make sure to get the bottom the sides, and if you think there might be spill over, get the tops too.

to flour: if yer making a chocolate cake, dump a little pile of unsweetened cocoa in one pan and pat the pan around so that the powder sticks to the grease everywhere. if it seems heavy in one area, pat hard to loosen it up. then pat all the excess cocoa out of the pan and into your second cake pan. if you need more cocoa add a bit and then pat out all the excess out onto yer bare toes. if yer making a vanilla cake, use unbleached white flour instead of cocoa. finally, if yer making a chocolate cake but have no extra cocoa, you can use white flour too, but the results won't be as pretty, cuz when the cake comes out, you'll see the white flour around the edges...though it'll all taste the same so no worries really.

when'z it done?? when you think the cake might be done, get a toothpick or skewer or a fancy metal cake testing pick. if the cake seems pretty solid on top, insert yer testing instrument directly into the cake's middle section and push down as far as you can (watch out with toothpicks! they're super-easy to push in and lose inside the cake). pull the pick out and it should come clean. if batter sticks to it, put it back in the oven fer some more bakin', but watch closely for burnin'.

flip it, flip it good. When the cakes are done, take them out of the oven and let 'em sit alone fer about 10 minutes. then take a dull knife, and carefully edge around the side of each pan. now git out yer cake racks. place one rack upside down on top of a cake pan, and usin' oven mittz and all available appendages, carefully flip the whole gizmo over. slooowly lift up the cake pan and the cake should slide effortlessly onto the rack. cool completely before frosting, or you'll experience a melty avalanche of goo.
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layer it, but never 80s style.

  1. At least 2 cake layers
  2. 1 batch of frosting or something else for the center layer(s) like jam, jelly, caramel sauce, or a second frosting flavor.

mix 'n match, dude. pick at least one cake and one frosting and then get bakin'!
don't forget about fun toppings, fillings and decorations you can use to make each cake unique: cut fruit, fruit pie filling, vegan gummi bears and jelly beans, coconut, candied ginger, chocolate earth balls, preserves, pudding, chocolate chips, twizzlers and pretzels are all Kittee Approved ® objects.

Mix 'N Match

Cooking by kittee: