Cooking by kittee:

My friend Dave and I recently started the New Orleans TVP (Totally Vegan Potluck!) We've met twice so far and they have been super fun and super delicious. Last month we all agreed upon a breakfast theme. We ate: chik'n and homemade waffles with strawberry topping, fakin' bakin', banana peanut butter danish, waffled french toast, tofu omelettes, cheeze grits, fruit salad, muffins, scramble, homemade sausage, and fresh smoothies. It was extraordinary! This month we're meeting again for Mexican Food.

If you'd like more information about joining the TVP please email me!

Sherrie made tofu omelettes!

Dave models with the chik'n and his waffle!

Vegan Breakfast Machine

Cooking by kittee: