Raw food

As raw food is generally regarded as any plant-based food which isn't processed by temperatures over 42 °C, bear in mind that this fever may vary slightly for various nutrients and compounds from food. When heating up/cooking food over 42 °C, its nourishment quickly begin to degrade, a lot of denatured and unusable to the human entire body.

Living food

Living food is raw food too, but with an additional advantage -- not just it comprises life force and unaltered nutrients the same as uncooked food, but it also can provide life! Consider grains, seeds, nuts and legumes, all which may be actuated by massaging and sprouted to make a new infant plant or shrub, and that is where their true life drive is located.

Peace Love and berries is part and reflects under spike of a wellness movement that's occurring globally. We Chose it since the term signifies what we think is the most significant thing that is Love and Peace in us and what else. Along with the berry representing wellness that we think is so essential in helping one in attain health. The title is a rendering ofthe holistic strategy we run ourselves.
Why cultured vegetables? We cut veggies, we include all of the components, and we combine it, and set it into big vats, where we all put them right into a specially designed fermenting area where we ground them into the earths electro magnetic field and drama with them fine music while they're growing and sitting in their perfect fermenting temperature doubling in beneficial bacteria amounts about every 30 minutes. After A couple of times each of the sugars are consumed and we've got a rich ecosystem prepared to be bottled and refrigerated.
Our Assortment of sauerkrauts is Unique using a mixture of components that you normally wouldn't find in a common sauerkraut jar. We've got four tastes: Kim Chi, Green, Berry, and Sea veggies, and all these are the topics for the alchemy of unique ingredients which we set together and present for you. Contrary to The majority of other sauerkrauts you locate are pasteurised that type of defeats the objective of fermenting at the first place, make most of the beneficial enzymes and bacteria have been murdered.
We're Also exceptional because we inoculate the sauerkraut using a wide spectrum civilization newcomer with germs which are extremely sturdy and extremely beneficial for you. Compounds are great for you. We're ten times more germs cells then individual. We have normally 1 billion human cells however we've got 10 trillion bacteria residing inside people. They had been the first living organisms in the world, and because we have come along we have lived in symbiosis and developed together.
Fermenting Has become part of virtually every culture across the world. We have somehow lost the artwork and forgotten about it within our modern day western society. We Are advised that germs are poor, and yes it's true in some instances, back of the we've embarked on a search to nuke and sterilise bacteria from our surroundings and ourselves into the purpose of a phobia. What beliefs or characteristics drive us. We feel that a dream is the start of a thought impulse of which to make action of accomplishing that notion.
You Can achieve anything you set your head to, but during our expertise looking after your health and eating fermented foods makes it possible to produce positive ideas and gives you energy of accomplishing your objectives. We Wish to find a much healthier world and a part of our objective is to educate the people so that they may make informed choices and appreciate life. Peace Love and berries is much more than only a title or a brandnew.

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Collagen on Keto: Why You Need To Start It Now, Not Later

Whether you’re a keto newbie or a keto veteran, you need to know about collagen on keto! I talk a lot about collagen here on the blog but today I want to talk about why you should use collagen proactively instead of reactively. If collagen is a […]

The post Collagen on Keto: Why You Need To Start It Now, Not Later appeared first on Keto In Pearls.

Whether you’re a keto newbie or a keto veteran, you need to know about collagen on keto! I talk a lot about collagen here on the blog but today I want to talk about why you should use collagen proactively instead of reactively. If collagen is a […]

The post Collagen on Keto: Why You Need To Start It Now, Not Later appeared first on Keto In Pearls.

Whether you’re a keto newbie or a keto veteran, you need to know about collagen on keto! I talk a lot about collagen here on the blog but today I want to talk about why you should use collagen proactively instead of reactively. If collagen is a new term for you, or if you’ve heard me talk about it for a year but never paid attention, keep reading and see why collagen on keto is a must! 


Everything you need to know about collagen and using collagen on keto. What it is, the benefits, how to use it, and ideas for how to incorporate it daily.


I’m proud to have partnered with my good friends at Further Food to bring you this blog post. All opinions are my own.

What Is Collagen?

Long story short, collagen is a supplement. Just like you’d take fish oil, B12, or omega-3, collagen falls into the same category. 

Collagen, which is a pure bovine (cow) protein, can come in two forms- gelatin (think gummies and jello) and hydrolyzed (also known as peptides). 

For purposes of this post, we’re talking about collagen peptides because it is most absorbed by the body (which means it has the most benefits).

There is a really science-y and well written article on bovine collagen on the Further Food website if you want to go more in-depth. 

Collagen makes up 70% of our skin as well as our connective tissues and bones. There is a whole bunch of chemistry in regards to collagen, like the amino acid chains, which you can read more about here.

What you really need to know is that collagen is vital to our body and as we age, we lose it! What else is new?



Why Should You Take Collagen Peptides?

As I mentioned above, collagen peptides are absorbed the most in our body, in respect to the various forms of collagen. The benefits of a collagen peptide regimen include:

  • Repairs bones and joints (makes you less susceptible to injury- great for athletes)
  • Helps reduce inflammation (especially helpful if you have arthritis)
  • Keeps gut lining healthy (reduces chances of getting sick)
  • Heartburn and ulcer prevention (by regulating digestion)
  • Fills in fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite (you get wrinkles when you lose collagen)
  • Strengthens hair, skin, nails (more mani/pedis might be required)
  • Hydrates skin (more than a cream or serum because it gets to the dermal layer)

As you can see, a collagen peptide regimen aids in so many areas of our body that we struggle with as the years go on. 

Unfortunately, many of us start beauty routines, medication, etc. as a reaction to an already occurring problem.

We get heartburn and take Tums.

We notice crows feet and start eye cream. 

We notice our digestion isn’t as regular as it once was and we start Metamucil. 

But what if instead of reacting to the problem, we proactively prevent it? That is what a collagen peptide regimen can do for you. 

No matter your age, race, or gender, collagen peptides can benefit all of us!

Collage peptides can reverse the signs of aging before they begin.

If I had known this in my 20s, you bet your bottom dollar I’d have started it back then! 

Since many of us haven’t been proactive in our younger years, there’s hope for us yet if we start taking collagen peptides.



What Does Taking Collagen Have To Do With Keto?

I’m so glad you asked that question! 

When you start following a ketogenic diet, specifically eating keto macros, you might find you’re eating less protein than you used to. This is because keto is a moderate protein diet (the emphasis is not on protein). 

Often times, keto newbies eat less protein than they actually need because they fear it will hinder their weight loss or throw them out of ketosis. 

Neither of these things are true, however, it is a common problem experienced on keto. I suffered from this flawed way of thinking as well.

Ladies write in to me almost daily asking for help because their hair is falling out and they don’t know how to stop it.

I always ask them two questions:

  1. Are you eating enough protein?
  2. Are you using collagen?

Of course, other factors like rapid weight loss, stress, and a major change in hormones and diet can affect your hair temporarily, but most often it is because there is an inadequate protein intake. 

Click here to read my post all about hair loss on keto

Get ahead of hair loss by beginning your daily collagen peptides regimen when you start keto, or as soon as you can.

Collagen peptides have no effect on your state of ketosis but using collagen on keto is probably the most beneficial supplement you can take in conjunction with eating a ketogenic diet (aside from electrolytes). 



How Do You Use Collagen On Keto?

Most of the time, you’ll find collagen peptides in powder form. This might be confusing and you’ll think it’s like a protein powder or shake but, it’s not. 

Although, collagen is protein it is not a protein powder that you’d take before going to the gym. 

The most common way people take their collagen is via drinking. You can add it to coffeeteawater, etc. as long as your beverage is not ice cold (collagen dissolves best in room temp and warmer liquids). 

Personally, I add 1 to 2 scoops of collagen per day to my coffee. (Note: if you fast in the mornings, collagen will break a fast so be sure to save it for when you’re ready to break a fast.)

However, you can also incorporate collagen into anything you eat. Whether you’re baking keto brownies, making a sauce for chicken, or simmering some chili, you can add collagen. 

See a full list of ways you can incorporate collagen at the bottom of this post! 



Why Should You Use Further Food Collagen On Keto Instead of Other Brands?

That’s easy…they sell the most superior product! 

Further Food collagen peptides are grass-fed and pasture raised. While the collagen is sourced from cows, there is zero bovine or earthy taste and odor.

It is truly a tasteless and odorless collagen peptide, something many brands do not offer. 

If you’re a vegetarian, there is also a marine collagen peptide for you!

And best of all, Further Food offers collagen peptides in unflavored, vanilla, and chocolate flavors! They’re all zero carb  too! 



If you want to prevent hair loss, protect your bones and joints, and improve your skin health, start a collagen peptide regimen today! In 6 to 8 weeks, the change will speak for itself! 

Have more questions about collagen? Send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or head over to the Further Food website and check out their huge archive of information!

Different Ways To Use Collagen Peptides

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